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and some other random thoughts I have, for a more personal "get to know you" than my resume

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I'm a singer-songwriter and guitarist, and released an album in 2015 with my college band, Ivory Arrows.

Llamas have been my favorite animal since 6th grade - long before llamas became trendy (yes they're trendy!! Just visit Etsy or Hobby Lobby. You'll see!).


Biking is the only thing that can stop my brain from going a million miles a minute. I do not, however, claim to be an actual cyclist.

I've been known to enjoy red wine and dark beers.

One of my top pet peeves is songwriting writer's block.

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I see my family every Sunday - my brother and I do the music for a church service together then go to our parents' house for dinner.

I wish composting was a city mandated thing in LA.

If you catch me out going for a run, stop me and ask me who I am and what I did with the real Nina.

I do my best not to make promises I don't plan on keeping, and look for this quality in the people I choose to have in my life.

When you wake up in the morning with low blood sugar and a bed covered in test strips, you know it's gonna be rough day 

Being late makes me incredibly nervous.


My dog's name is Cuddles. Though my then 15-year-old brother named her when we first got her, she's lived up to her name so very well.

just look at that little head!!!!

I'm Type 1 Diabetic and happy and eager to clear up any misunderstandings about what that means. After a childhood spent ashamed of something that was not and will never be my fault, I'm glad I can speak openly about it and help myself (and other T1Ds!) by helping others understand. I've also found that telling people about it has greatly helped in my own process of acceptance.

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